Best Multi Process Welders 2022

Multi-process welding equipment let you save time, money, and space. This is accomplished by merging many welding techniques into a single box.

Best Multi Process Welders 2022

MIG210 Lincoln Multi-Process Welder

It’s made of high-quality materials, and the layout is extremely predictable, making it simple to get used to.
Because it doesn’t have an AC output option, this multi-process welder can’t TIG weld aluminium, but it can weld practically every other metal.

Multi-Process Eastwood Elite MP200i

The Eastwood Elite MP200i Multi-Process Welder has a 30-amp breaker circuit and can be plugged into either 120 or 24 volts. MIG, TIG, and stick welding are all available on this professional-grade welding machine. The MIG and TIG rated at 90 amps on 120 volts, while the stick mode rated at 70 amps.

MIG and TIG achieve 200 amps on 240 volts, while sticking at 170 amps. If you need more power, check out Eastwood’s Elite MP250i, which is geared for professional shop usage, comes with casters, and doubles the top end power. This machine can weld up to 3/8-inch steel from 22 gauge sheet metal.

Hobart Multi Handler 200 Multi Process Welder

Hobart’s Multi Handler 200 Welding Equipment is the company’s first multi-process machine aimed at the general public. The Multi Handler 200 is a nice alternative if you prefer the Miller 215 but can’t afford the price. This is a dual-voltage gadget that can operate on either 120 or 240 volts. It has an all-metal wire feed drive that can accommodate wire spools of either 4-inch or 8-inch diameter.

The Multi Handler 200’s power output varies from 20 to 200 amps. It welds from 24-gauge sheet metal up to 3/8-inch thick steel plate in MIG and flux core mode. The lowest thickness in stick mode is 16 gauge, with the same 3/8-inch top-end capabilities.

MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder by YesWelder

A flip-up plastic dust cover protects the YesWelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder’s digital control panel from the harsh welding environment. Long welding runs are made simpler with the machine’s 2T/4T trigger lock, which prevents hand fatigue. Dynamic arc control with synergic settings may monitor the arc while you weld, adjusting factors in real time and updating settings on the fly to create a higher quality arc.

MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core procedures are all available in one box with this welder. Switching between processes is as simple as pressing one digital button on the control panel. To use the DC TIG, you’ll need to purchase a TIG torch, but it’s easy to set up once you have one. The YesWelder MIG-205DS Multi-Process Welder can’t TIG weld aluminium or use a spool gun for MIG aluminium work because it’s a DC TIG, but it can stick weld metal with aluminium welding rods.

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