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Roper Technologies, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, is a diversified technology company that operates in four business segments: application software, communication systems, and stored data including measuring and analysis. An enterprise deemed worth more than $50 billion on the global financial market has assured its place among globally accepted brands and employs over 20,000 employees worldwide.

Rope bought Syntellis Performance Solutions for $2.6 billion in 2018 as one of its biggest investments. Syntellis, formerly Certify Data Systems, is an internationally oriented performance management software and service provider for caretakers in the healthcare industry. With the acquisition, Roper’s solutions in the field of health software were widened to enter the growing market of health information technology. We are going to explore Roper Technologies and Syntellis. It is going to be a complete and comprehensive guide in 2024.

Roper Technologies and Syntellis
Roper Technologies and Syntellis

 Overview of Syntellis

Syntellis is a financial management software that includes analytics as well as how it plans for healthcare organizations. Furthermore, the medium showcases innovative solutions for healthcare providers who can understand finances better, maximize revenue, and improve clinical and operational performance.

Some of Syntellis’ key products include:

Axiom Software:

Financial Decision Support Platform: Study the issue from the perspectives of cost accounting, patient access, and revenue cycle management. It helps companies report their performance alongside the budget and benchmarks or standards.

Certify Software:

A complete package for cost accounting, capital planning, and operational budgeting using the cloud system, like strategic financial guidance tools. Shows to predict future sales, calculate forecasts, and simulate variability in sales.

Roper Technologies and Syntellis
Roper Technologies and Syntellis

ActionOI Software:

Performance management system provisions for role-based analytics capabilities, which are directed to meet organizational goals and strategy. Illustrates KPIs to identify improvement areas. Consequently, proper monitoring can enable managers to take swift action and address issues before they escalate, leading to better outcomes.

Consultative services: advisory services ranging from financial planning, analytics working, benchmarking, and performance improvement.

Unlike other EHR vendors like Epic and Cerner, which cater to a wider range of customers, including schools, smaller physician groups, and integrated delivery networks, Syntellis specifically caters to larger hospitals and groups with over 50 healthcare organizations as their customers. Our healthcare performance management software has been acknowledged as one of the best software systems in the healthcare industry by KLAS Research, Modern Healthcare, and others.

Ultimately, Roper’s argument for the acquisition resulted from an interweaving of symbolic, economic, and firm form factors.

Acquired Syntellis to gain software development in the US $31 billion healthcare IT sector. Some key factors that made Syntellis an attractive target include:

  1. The routine acquisition business model provides a high client retention index.
  2. A firm that had pioneered the development of a core critical line of enterprise software
  3. The potential for upselling other Roper’s software items provides another channel for its solution sales.
  4. The large catchment area for medical devices provides an ideal dynamic of highly favorable macroeconomic trends for healthcare expenditure.
  5. Established a management team with Howard’s experience in the domain

With the integration of Syntellis Infinitely and Health Catalyst, the enterprise performance management system for Roper Technologies included its other holdings like Strata Decision Technology and Deltek. Roper’s acquisition of such assets will enable the company to strengthen its focus on strong niche software businesses that can be positively influenced by the American powerhouse firm’s operational support and provision of funding.

 Economic Models and Marketing Techniques

Funding the Syntellis acquisition for Roper has been debt financing and cash reserves. The deal was aimed at increasing the cash flow and adjusted earnings per share performance rates right away.

The ultimate goal of Syntellis operating under Roper has been to connect the company’s credentials in health care with Roper’s knowledge base in cloud-based SaaS delivery models. Roper migrates some of its products to the Microsoft Azure cloud and uses common frameworks along the lines of marketing automation and customer success systems.

Syntellis’ annual turnover has exceeded 7% for the current year. The company is cautiously optimistic about that growth since the revenue generated from recurrent revenue is two-digit. Syntellis is a very powerful and thorny cerebral branch that makes Roper stand out in healthcare software.


Conclusions about Roper Technologies and Syntellis

Syntellis’s purchase led Roper Technologies to enter the profit-making healthcare information technology market. It offered Roper a prime performance management system paired with software designed especially for healthcare companies. Integration activities have been concentrated on the enterprise cloud platform and also on the application of Roper’s SaaS products as well. Ultimately, Syntellis proved its importance and perfect alignment with the horizontal software strategy through the vertical market that Roper enjoys.That was all about Roper Technologies and Syntellis.

Roper Technologies and Syntellis
Roper Technologies and Syntellis

FAQs about Roper Technologies and Syntellis

Roper products and operations are wide, diverse, and vary in complexity?

Roper Technologies is a multi-practice technology company that comprises software and engineered products for the assessment of niche markets. They are headquartered here in Sarasota, Florida, and generate over 5 billion dollars in revenue each year.

What does Roper Technologies do?

The company does this under four major sectors of the business, which are application software, network software and systems, measurement and analytical solutions, and process technologies. Some vendors offer whole-life cycle support, such as software, hardware, and services for healthcare, transportation, food, and energy, among others.

Does Syntellis aim to partner with Roper to expand its global healthcare and financial solutions?

Roper accumulated Syntellis for $2.6 billion in 2018 to broaden their stand in the healthcare information technology (IT) sector. Syntellis focuses on hospital and health system performance management with software that is specifically tailored for them by the company.

What does Syntellis’s product line include?

The ongoing analytic aspects of the financial management services the company offers include financial accounting, enterprise planning, cost accounting, revenue cycle management, and more. Their Axiom, Certify, and ActionOI software make up their primary product lines.

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